Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Divorce Mediation

What is all the buzz about mediation these days? Well, its simple. Some people have finally realized that spending tons of money on divorce attorney's simply isn't getting them the results they want. Sure, they get results in the courtroom, but its what happens down the road where people realize that they need to have a solid relationship with the mother or father of their children. Or perhaps, simply to preserve the marital estate, they understand that letting their spouse have more value is better than both having less value after the lawyers are paid. Understand, this is coming from one of those "divorce lawyers" who has made a living on people fighting over the smallest of details.

The move in Tennessee began in divorce cases involving minor children. The idea was that if people could utilize the mediation process and learn how to effectively communicate with one another, that it would be better for the children down the road. The fact is, this is absolutely true. The state got this one right! But this is not the only area that mediation can provide results. Divorce cases where children are not the issue can also greatly benefit from the mediation process. Obviously, in divorce cases without children or assets, there isn't much to mediate and it probably isn't for these cases. However, for those cases with even modest assets mediation can work. The parties can learn to effectively communicate about their needs and desires and how to best preserve the marital estate rather than paying lawyers, like me, to fight over every spoon, fork and dish towel. If you are reading this post and know of someone who is soon to be or now in the divorce process, encourage them to consider starting with mediation. It may save them loads of cash. If you are an attorney like me reading this, fight the urge to keep the cash to yourself and actually provide real help to your clients by suggesting to them the divorce process. If you have any questions or need further information go to my sites www.reeveslawcenter.com or www.reevesmediationcenter.com for further details.

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